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Functional Nutrition

How do you know if you are taking the right supplements? Even more important…do you know why? If you take a B-Complex, do you know what it’s supposed to do for you, your health, and your body?


How do you create an eating plan to conquer your goals – whether that be weight loss, increasing your energy, decreasing stomach discomfort, help recovering from an injury, or any others – if you don’t know what foods work best with the way YOUR body functions?


At the Prairie Wellness Center, we make sure you take only what you need, when you need it; and that what you eat supports you in your search for optimal health. Our specialty is genetic-based nutritional biochemistry, using GX Sciences NutriGenomic testing. Sound complicated? The science may be, but our process is not.

Using information obtained through a genetic kit saliva test and your lab work, a unique and biologically specialized program of eating and supplementation can boost, fill in the gaps, or correct the way your body processes and/or uses the enzymes that keep you feeling your best.

Your DNA makes the enzymes that govern every life-sustaining process in your body. Examples of some of the genes that produce these enzymes and can be found in your analysis report:

FUT2 and HLA: variants in these are connected to your levels of ‘good’ gut bacteria, and irritation and inflammation in the digestive system.

PON1: as our bodies are bombarded more and more every day by outside toxins – including pesticides -- these variants effect how well you can process and clear these chemical invaders from your body.

CBS: extreme fatigue and tiredness are not always connected to how many hours of sleep you get. Variants here have been linked to poorly working adrenal glands, which can be a factor in fatigue.

MTHFR: deals with detoxification within the body which relates to aging and the breakdown of our bodies at the cellular level. Variants in this affect the making of the folate and folinic acid your body needs to rebuild cells.

HNMT and ABPI: variants in these can cause issues with the levels of histamine in your body; a substance produced in response to such triggers as allergy, infection, or bug bites that cause the resulting redness and swelling.

SOD/CAT/GSH: the aging process, and in some cases of disease, is the result of damage by free radicals in the body. Variants found here affect the ability of the body to protect itself from free radical damage and processes that protect it from oxidative stress.

CYP: variants are related to caffeine consumption and metabolism; also affects the process of phase 1 detoxification in the liver, which could slow or alter how the liver clears drugs and chemicals from the body.

GAD: variants connected to low production of GABA, which is a calming neurotransmitter in the body.

ATM: another significant process in aging; variants affect the repair of double-stranded DNA, failure in repair allows mutations to accumulate.

CACNAIC: variants may impact the electrical sensitivity of your body from things like computers, cell phones, and tablets.

DHFR: variants affect the production of molecules that contribute to your mood, sleep, and circulation.


The report breaks down into categories and covers a multitude of biological processes. Just the very first one – digestive health – offers you a host of reasons why you may or may not tolerate dairy, if you could develop a peanut allergy, or why it wrecks your stomach every time you eat your favorite sandwich. And that’s just to start.

This emerging specialty focuses on the foundational way that food and supplements affect your body on a cellular level; functional nutrition can enhance your nutrient uptake, improve energy, elevate your mood, affect your ability to heal or be infected by illness, and help you to understand what foods you can eat for optimal nutrition.

Text our office at 7852723878 to schedule your initial consultation, or make an appointment for a fully customized genetic analysis that gives you optimal lifestyle and dietary suggestions, as well as appropriate nutritional supplementation based on your specific biochemistry.

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